doggie webcams Greensboro

Dog Webcams

We have Webcams you can view from ALL BROWSERS, as long as you have Java enabled.

The cameras may prompt you to run the Java UCX application. That is normal; click to accept the risk and run it to see the cameras.

NOTE: Your browser may prompt you to update Java (J2SE). We suggest you deny the request, then Go Here to update. Install the version the site recommends, then reload your browser.


If you have recently upgraded your Java to Version 7.51, you will not be able to view our cameras.

Until the camera manufacturer comes up with a fix for Java's new restrictions, in order to view our webcams, you will need to uninstall version 51 of Java and reinstall the version before: Java 7.45.
  • On your computer, go to the Control Panel.
    • Windows XP: click Add or Remove Programs.
    • Windows 7 or 8: click Programs and Features.
  • Locate Java 7 Update 51 and (Remove/Uninstall) it.
  • Download Java 7 Update 45 from here: Java version 7 u45 and install it.
  • Close the download window and refresh the Dog Days webpage.
  • If Java prompts you to update it, choose the Later button.
  • Then Allow the TRENDnet camera's code to run.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but until the camera manufacturer provides a firmware fix, this is the temporary fix.


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