doggie daycare Greensboro NC
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Dog Days is now part of the Greensboro Greenway

Dog Days in Greensboro cares about your dog!

Whether you need dog grooming, dog daycare, or dog boarding, Dog Days Greensboro has what you're looking for! With an emphasis on doggie happiness, we give your dog what he needs.

No More GUILT!!

Is your dog moody when you get home from work? Are you antsy every time you leave for vacation? Let Dog Days take premium care of your dog. At Dog Days of Greensboro, he'll roam free with constant access to the outside. He will also play all day with other dogs while being supervised by experienced dog handlers. So not only will he get the exercise he needs, he'll also get the mental stimulation to keep him happy.

dog boarding grooming downtown GreensboroNeed a Break?

Let your pup drop in for a sleepover at Dog Days of Greensboro. They get to spend their time in comfort over going to a regular kennel, and they'll experience less anxiety. It's just like sending the kids to summer camp.


Located in the heart of downtown Greensboro, there isn't a more convenient place for your dog to be.

See your dog in Action!

You can log into our webcams and see just how happy your dog is at his home away from home.

We love Dogs, and more important, DOGS LOVE US!